6th edition (2004) of the book about new drama in Europe.

The 2004, 6th edition of this publication presented by the European Theatre Convention dedicated to the new plays created in Europe in the years 2002 to marks clearly a new evolution. After a wave in the years 90-95 marked by the supremacy of British authors, followed by the powerful arrival of those from Eastern Europe, we witness today everywhere in Europe a new dramaturgy which has profoundly transformed theatrical writing.

In every choice made by the committees, there has been discovered authors who did not exist ten years ago! What is the meaning of this renewal? Without any doubt we can see evidence here of the extraordinary vitality of our centuries old theatre: this ancient art knows more than any other how to grab the world, find new sources of inspiration and create forms which disrupt generally accepted ideas. Since 1993 this book has imposed itself in the European theatrical environment. It has become an essential tool for discovering easier plays that are not yet known. This publication is the harbingers of future artistic successes.
However we have inserted in this new edition a specific section dedicated to the programme "Theatres in Europe: mirror of the refugee populations". One of the results of the three years of work of the Convention has been to provoke the writing of completely new drama. From Jorge Semprun to Attila Lorinczy, from Sergi Belbel to Armin Petras and from Matéi Visniec to Loula Anagnostaki new plays have been written produced and for most of them already performed. These plays form the core of this additional section of this publication. Please allow me to thank Giles Croft, member of the board of administrators of the ETC who is the coordinator of this book with Patricia Canellis, our general delegate, who has been a great support. If this book continues to be useful for thousands of readers in Europe, it will be of great satisfaction to all our members.

Daniel Benoin, President of European Theatre Convention

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