Theatre Methods 08

"Theatre Methods" is the annual professional festival bringing up the question of the Bridge between Tradition and Contemporaneity in performing arts. It is unifying artists from all over the world interested in the research of theatre methods between tradition and contemporaneity.

Performing arts have the ancient history and extraordinarily rich and diverse traditions in different cultures of the world. The heritage of traditional forms is the precious inexhaustible source of inspiration for the young generations. Many creative works have been developed under the influence of the traditional cultures.

The search of the connection between tradition and contemporaneity helps to enrich and variegate the contemporary performing arts giving the non-trivial decisions in forms, powerful energy and interesting ways of work on the stage. Today artists show great interest to the traditions and apply themselves to the origins.

The festival invites both the bearers of the authentic traditions in performing arts and the representatives of contemporary stage work from all over the world.

Theatre Methods is the excellent opportunity to establish new contacts, to take part in creative process, to share ideas and to get acquainted with methods presented by colleagues from different countries.

International Festival
Between Tradition and Contemporaneity
July 7 - 13, 2008
Malpils, Latvia

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