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Ha úgy érzed kedved, idõd és elszántságod van Dániáig utazni, hogy egy kis szabadságod, kényelmed és megfelelõ munkakörülményeid lehessenek a kreativitásod kibontakoztatásához , juttass el hozzánk egy a munkáidat ( tánc, zene vagy színház) tartalmazó CD-t vagy DVD-t, valamint az önéletrajzodat és gyere ela  felvételi elbeszélgetésre. Fontos, hogy érdekeljenek az összmûvészeti törekvések és beszélj angolul. Korhatár nincs. Fiatal felnõttek jelentkezését várjuk.


- amit neked kell vállalni: kedvezményes tandíjfizetés: 53 Euro hetente - amit még tovább csökkenthetsz az ott vállalt munkával -, és útiköltség.
- amit kapsz: szállás, 3x étkezés, egész napos óra látogatás, előadások készítésének lehetősége.

TOVÁBBI RÉSZLETEK: lásd www.performershouse.dk

A felvételivel kapcsolatban email-ben érdeklődhetsz:
Gaál Mariann-nál: marianngaal@hotmail.com

Pályázati koordináció: Orkesztika Alapítvány
(Kapcsolattartó: Tariska Andrea: info@mozdulatmuveszet.hu; 321-9745)

Bejelentkezés a felvételire, illetve a CD/DVD, életrajz leadás
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 JELENTKEZÉSI HATÁRIDŐ: (életrajz, CD/DVD leadási határideje):
2007. december 12. szerda, 16 óra.

Mozdulatművészeti Stúdió: 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller 31. Tel: 321-9745.


Angol nyelvű leírás az alábbiakban olvasható:


Performers House is a new international school for young people with a special interest for music, dance and theatre.
To be one of our students you must be committed, ambitious and be ready to be part of a professional community. In return Performers House offers a unique teaching environment where your talents get the right opportunities to grow.
English is the working language of the school, used at a level everyone can understand.

Spring course 2008. January 5 - June 21

As a student on the spring course 2008 you will have time to focus on your main subject - music (band or song), dance, theater or film acting.

In the classes of your main subject you can work intensively on developing your particular technique, proficiency and expression. In addition, you are part of a course that encompasses the three main subjects (dance, music and theatre/film acting). You develop more than just your talent as a dancer, musician or actor by being involved in small and large project groups, doing performances, concerts and workshops at Performers House.

As a student at Performers House you will not just practice lines, dance steps and chords but you will organize projects and learn about fundraising, PR, scenography, lighting and sound. You will get a solid grounding in the real artistic world that awaits outside the school.

You can choose to have private lessons in your major studies.


All you need is a voice to make music, but a great practice room with the best gear gives an extra dimension. At Performers House you have access to professionally equipped practice rooms, three stages and a sound studio with the latest facilities.

You will be taught by professional musicians who are also competent teachers. We will continuously invite guest teachers directly from the stage. The highly qualified teaching and the exceptional facilities will give you the best opportunity to develop your talent.

The teaching is designed to complement the individual student’s level and the staff teachers match your needs. This means that the final staff structure will be put together when we know our students.

Your development and your personal expression will be stimulated and challenged via basis hours, courses and projects. You will work with technique, composition and improvisation, sound and studio technique, band, etc. Above all else you will play a lot of music — solo, in bands, in practice rooms, in the studio and on stage.

We work hard on preparing our students for the meeting between artist and audience and therefore we will plan several concerts in house and at other stages in Sillkeborg - and a tour by the end of the course. These performances will be followed up by coaching by our dance and theatre instructors. 

As a student in the music studies you will still work closely in interdisciplinary projects with students and teachers from the theatre and dance studies.

The Music Department offers private lessons.


Performers House admits students from every dance discipline. As a starting point, you must want to be creative, to be challenged and to work with your artistic expression in close collaboration with other young talented dancers and with students from the music and theatre courses.

At the school we work primarily with release, modern dance and ballet.

You will be schooled in improvisation, choreography and trained in different dance styles. We work with solo, duet, groups and partner dance.

You will build up your technique and be challenged as an artist by a broad selection of dance teachers, all of whom represent the best in their discipline — from ballet to Butoh dance. Their expert experience ensures that the training is much more than just context-less technique.

Cooperation and experimentation are part of each student’s day. You will follow your own development using a personal journal and video documentation, continuously updating it.

An important part of the education is to give you a working approach to dance. Artistic inspiration does not materialize out of thin air and all young dancers experience a sense of shyness and fragility. Using repeated improvisations and small choreography you will build up a basic confidence and learn to know yourself as an artist.
When you leave the school you will have a wide ranke of experiences that you can take with you into the wider world of dance.

We have 3 stages of various sizes for performances.
Le Kondrup is the Artistic Director of the Dance Department.


MY WAY! — A journey in your theatrical potential

You get the chance to develop and define your talent in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. The teaching covers a broad spectrum of theatrical forms, so you get the chance to test yourself in many different ways.

What is important is not how much or what kind of experience you bring with you but that you will work seriously with theatre and be open to change and development.

Acting is at the heart of the course and you will be challenged through solo work and practical work in front of an audience. Aside from working with your personal expression you will learn to be part of a team — within your own studies and by working together with people from the other two studies.

As a part of an ensemble you will get an overall understanding for other aspects of theatre work. Working on your own projects you will test yourself with idea development, manuscript writing and scenography. You will also work on project management, fund raising and directing.

Every group at Performers House is a unique ensemble. Together the group creates its own dynamic and own forms of expression. The study is staged in such a way as to give each group all round skills and give each individual the best conditions for growth.

The teaching focuses on the practical work to create performances worth seeing. You will be tested out in front of a real audience at theatre stages in house and outside of Performers House.

Anna-Louise Himmelstrup
is Artistic Director of the Theatre Department.

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