The Casting Scene

I’m sure I told you about The Casting Scene, an online casting service we are developing here in the UK.  Well, it has come to fruition!  It is now in its final beta test phase...  And, as it happens, our first feature project is looking for actors from Eastern Europe.

One of the top London Casting Directors, Hubbard Casting (of 'Lord of The Rings' fame) has posted Casting Scene's first feature film project called 'The White Road', set in Siberia.   Budget is 1.2 million sterling.

I know you are very connected to actors all over Eastern Europe so I would really appreciate it if you could pass the link on to them.

There is some urgency as auditions close on 19th December 08.

Actors would need to sign up to the site (it's free at this stage) and record an audition for The White Road using a simple webcam.  The script is posted on the site with instructions as to which scenes to audition with.  It is very straight forward and easy to use.

Actors can email:  if they have any technical problems or queries.

Hubbard Casting is doing more and more in Eastern Europe, so it would be great for any actor friends to come to their attention.

Here's a bit more info about the project.

The project is called The White Road, set in Siberia and they are looking for actors and actresses who can speak English but also are real natives of Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland etc.

Siberia. 1947. A story that pits morality against survival. Characters are based on real 'types' based on personal memoir, true accounts and events. SEE CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS FOR NATIONALITIES, ONLY GENUINE RUSSIAN/EASTERN EUROPEANS WILL BE CONSIDERED. MUST AT LEAST SPEAK THE RELEVANT LANGUAGE, OR HAVE ONE PARENT FROM THE RELEVANT COUNTRY.
The Casting Scene already has over 100 actors who have successfully posted auditions for other projects (some really good ones!) so it really works! 

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