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Színészek, táncosok, egyéb művészek jelentkezését várja az L1 Független Táncművészek Társulása két külföldi residency programra.



Dear artists, directors, producers!

L1 Independent Dancers' Partnership is glad to inform you about two residencies, which are part of the DNA project initiated by the following culture organizations: New Web (Czech Republic), Katedra Kultury (Poland), Entré Scénen (Denmark), A4 (Slovakia), L1 Independent Dancers' Partnership (Hungary), Glej Theatre (Slovenia). The project is supported by the EU Culture Program.

You can take part in one residency or both of them (there are two independent events, so one does not link to the other).


FIRST CALL - November 2009 in Łódž, Poland

5-days residency based on work of the Chorea theatre focused on work with body, voice and rhythm and possibilities how a performer can use all of them together. The workshop-residency will include a demanding physical and constitutional training with elements of acrobatics, dance and choreography based on uneven rhythm canons as well as extensive work with the voice - from breathing exercises to unconventional ways of using vocal apparatus and singing chants. (Further information see the appendix).

!!! This residency is intended for artists who would like to develop their physical abilities they can use in their future projects. !!!

Date: November 17th - 21st 2009

Deadline of applications: September 25th 2009

The chosen participants will be informed by 2nd October.

Organisers cover costs of: travel, accommodation

Fee: 100 Euro

Deadline of payment: October 12nd

Place of residency: Art Factory, Łódź, Poland

Organiser: Katedra kultury,Poland (

Contact person: Zofia Dworakowska:


SECOND CALL - January 2010 in Aarhus, Denmark

The company/organisation (4-7 people) will be given chance to study a topic of theatre they decided themselves. They will have to indicate in their application what project and what specification they want to use the residency for. The organisers of the residency will arrange inspirational meetings and workshops with specialists and trainers for the selected discipline. According to their field of study some of the most suited Danish artists and scientist will be asked to facilitate the residency. (Further information see the appendix).

!!! This residency is intended for artists who already have started a project and they would like to work intensively on their particular stage idea. !!!

Date: January 22nd - February 6th 2010

Deadline of applications: October 19 2009

The chosen participants will be informed by October 23rd.

Organisers cover all costs

Place of residency: Entré Scénen, Aarhus, Denmark

Organiser: Entré Scénen, Denmark (

Contact person: Jesper de Neergaard:

We just remind that it is possible to take part in one residency or both of them depending on the choice and needs of participants.



is a project of culture organizations: New Web (Czech Republic), Katedra Kultury (Poland), Entré Scénen (Denmark), A4 (Slovakia), L1 (Hungary), Glej Theatre (Slovenia), it is supported by the EU Program Culture.

DNA supports talented emerging artists in the field of new theatre art who:

* work on a project basis outside the established network of repertoire-based theatres,
* are on the edge between motion, physical, dance, visual, non-verbal, mimic and experimental theatre and cross over genres,
* are seeking new approaches in their work.


Main project mission is to support their creative growth, trans-national mobility and good professional reconnection with the artistic colleagues and public from all over Europe.

The aim of the DNA is to support new thinking, new ideas and creators; to create a gene constitution for innovative expressions, creative dialogues and free artistic choices. The DNA project tries to bring new possibilities of participation for artists of the Central European region, with a special view of post-communistic countries.

The DNA project will nourish the new vital genome of the European Performing Arts with special focus on the cells of Performance, Dance, Physical theatre, Visual Art, New Media, Street Art and New Theatre Art.

First call

Residency organized by Katedra kultury in ŁÓDŹ, Poland.

November 17th - 21st 2009.

Lasting 5 days residency will be an intense acting training based on Chorea Theatre's experience. The participants will concentrate on working with the body, voice and rhythm and on searching for the ways in which the actor can use these means simultaneously. The aim of the workshop is to develop a diverse language of expression and communication as well as original, innovative theatrical forms within the group of participants.


Each day will start with intense physical training. The next step will be introducing elements of acrobatics, therein, the basics of working with a partner and the space, mutual attention, assurance, body consciousness, group consciousness and interaction with partner. We will also take up choreography, which is a result of many years of the team's study of ancient iconography, drawings on ceramics, bass-reliefs and ancient mosaics. Musical polyphonic and polyrhythmic patterns will be built on the movement structures elaborated by participants. Part of the work will be devoted to building up the musicality, dynamism and energy of the group.


Basic breathing exercises, controlling the diaphragmatic breath, activating resonators and working on the timbre of voice will serve to develop the natural vocal capabilities of participants. The next step will be building the compound harmonic consonances and learning to sing chants coming from different circles of tradition, including ancient Greek.


The significant part of the workshops will be devoted to working with rhythm and its meaning in the theatre. The main emphasis will be put on irregular rhythms - specifically found in Antiquity, Balkan music, Middle Eastern and Jazz... Working with rhythm will allow us to introduce our method of playing out text and music on stage. We will introduce uneven rhythms, by means of simple steps, clapping hands, voice and rhythmic gestures - so by concentrating on finding the rhythm of our own body and consequently the rhythm of the group. We will use original passages from ancient Greek tragedies and ancient chants as well as compositions from our performances. The final phase of the workshops will be binding all of the above described elements of Chorea's acting training and creating a short theatrical form.


Activity of the CHOREA Theatre Association is a continuation of work started by two groups in the "Gardzienice" Center of Theatrical Practice: The Anctient Orchestra and The Labirynth Dance Formation. After three years of an intense, international activity, the theatre found its permanent residence in Lodz and, together with Lodz Art Center and the city of Lodz, created in the year 2007 a new cultural center - the Art Factory in Lodz.

At the beginnings of its artistic activity Chorea drew from the ancient tradition. Researching the sources of dance and music it explored the culture of the antiquity. The results of its researches were confronted with modern theatrical forms and resulted in innovative, dynamic performances in which the tradition meets the modernity.

Application form November 17th - 21st 2009 in Łódź, Poland

Katedra kultury

Deadline of applications: September 25th. 2009.

The chosen participants will be informed by October 2nd 2009.

Organisers cover costs of: travel, accommodation in shared rooms

Fee: 100 Euro

Deadline of payment: October 12nd 2009.

Place: Art Factory, Łódź, Poland

Name and surname:






Telephone number:



Theatre experience (previous workshops/skills):

Send this application to the following e-mail address:

Second call

Residency at Entré Scenen in AARHUS, Denmark.

January 22nd - February 6th 2010.

The two weeks offer for a company (4 - 7 persons) preparing their new project. The participants will be able work to intensively on their particular stage idea.

The organisators will cover travels, accommodation and a small per diem. The company will use the Entré Scenen stage (blackbox 15 x 15 x 4 m.) 24 / 7. A technician will be present only occasionally.



The company will have to indicate in their application what project they would like to work on in Denmark, what are the artistic visions of the project and eventual technical challenges.

The organisers will arrange meetings with specialists, artists or scientists working on this field of art and offer inspirational meetings and workshops. According to their field of study some of the most suited Danish artists and scientist will be asked to facilitate the residency.

(As examples can be mentioned Morten Lervig, the leader of Cavi, a world famous Danish computer centre. He is a dramaturge and philosopher and specialized in interactivity in the relation spectator and computer i.e. interactivity on stage.

Sven Aage Madsen is a very renowned Danish writer specialized in multiple personalities; his favourite playwright being Luigi Pirandello. Jacob Schokking is a very successful director and specialized in very refined use of video imaging on stage).

Furthermore the Laboratory of the organisers consisting of dramaturges and stage directors will assist the residency as much as needed (and also economically possible).

* Shortly after arrival they will have to give a dinner for the theatre and the artists in town.
* They will have to attend certain social and artistic events (4-5 of them) during the stay.
* They will have to show results or "arranged problematics" for a public audience. Some of these audiences being skilled in feedback at several levels of production and preproduction.



Entré Scenen is an open venue for and produces modern, performing arts. It presents national and international guest performances and organizes a Junge Hunde Festival for young emerging performing artists from Europe. Entré Scenen runs the Laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark for artists of different disciplines where experiments within performing arts are stimulated and developed.

IF no companies apply but only individuals they will be chosen and arranged in a workshop-like residency with the same offers and conditions but with topics chosen by us.

The residency will be about:

"Methodology in devising performance-theatre and dance using new technology"

The residency will be mingled with Danish artists who are overly interested in the topic but coming at own expense.

Application form

November 22nd - February 6th 2010 in Aarhus, Denmark

Entré Scénen

Deadline of applications: October 19th. 2009.

All applicants will be informed by October 23rd.

Organisers cover all costs

Place: Entré Scénen, Aarhus, Denmark

Name of your organisation:

Address of your organisation:

Web address of your organisation:

Description of your organisation:

Number of participants of the workshop:

Members of the organisation:


Topic or specification of the residency:


PLEASE, ATTACH A SHORT CV (cca 6 sentences) ABOUT EACH PARTICIPANT (including theatre experience, education etc.)

PLEASE, ATTACH A DVD WITH A SAMPLE OF WORK OF YOUR ORGANISATION (some other visual material, photos etc., is also feasible)



Name and full address of the organisation:

Contact person from your organisation:


Telephone number:


Send this application to the following e-mail address: and

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